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Intellectual Property Forum
Dec 2023
  • Introduction to Hong Kong's Copyright Regime
  • Protection on Art-Tech, Digital Humanities Copyright on Education / Fair Dealing
  • Art-Tech and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Licensing Your Works in Commerical Environment
Intellectual Property Zoom Seminar
May 2022
  • Day 1 - Pharmaceutical patenting in China – how is it different from other jurisdictions?
  • Day 2 Trade marks and the metaverse
  • Day 2 Copyright and creative commons for creators: art tech in the spotlight
Intellectual Property Zoom Seminar
April 2021
  • Day 1 - Exploring patent & copyright law in China, seize opportunities in GBA
  • Day 2 Morning session - Empowering copyright knowledge for the education sector
  • Day 2 Afternoon session - Tips & strategies for filing a good patent
Intellectual Property Zoom Seminar
May 2020
  • Copyright in simple words
Intellectual Property Seminar
Mar 2019
  • Copyright and Education
  • Understanding Copyright & Copywrong
  • Challenges and strategies for protecting traditional medicine
  • Challenges in patenting computer implemented inventions
Intellectual Property in Academic
Apr 2018
  • Trademark
  • Copyright and Education
  • Copyright in Teaching and Research
  • Publishing, Copyright and You
Oct 2016
  • Altmetrics: How your publications are being shared?
  • Know your Rights! What's new in academic publishing
Apr 2024
  • Art Information Modelling in Art History and Archaeology
  • Collaborating in Three Dimensions: The Power of 3D tools
  • Scanning with phone: Sun Yat-sen Statue Project
  • Panel Discussion
Oct 2023
  • AI as the Publics’ Shadow in an Inquiry-Driven Society
  • Transforming Humanities Research into Digital Humanities Research: The Corpus of Mid-20th Century Hong Kong Cantonese
  • 100 Chinese Protestant Christian Hymns from Qing China (天使歌聲: 晚清詩歌一百首)
  • Synergy between Tradition and the Contemporary – Brush-and-Ink, Materiality and Multimodality: Chinese Calligraphy and Seal Engraving by Lau Chak Kwong Daniel (劉澤光書法篆刻)
  • HKBU Digital Project Series on Sun Yat-sen Studies
  • Bridging Art Archive to the World Largest Linked Open Database - The Wikidata Ecosystem
  • Creating a Digital Database on Daoist Literati and Gentry in Guangdong
Oct 2022
  • The Contemporary Chinese Village Database Project
  • A Legacy of Race and Data: Mining the History of Exclusion
  • Teaching Chinese History with 3D Models of Artifacts
  • Dynamic Literary History: On Digitally-Assisted Geographic, Social, and Textual Analysis of Late-Tang Poetry
  • Historical Network Analysis: Understanding the Structure of the League of Nations Archives
  • Sci-fi blockbusters’ representation of cyborgs and its impacts on audiences’ perception of human-machine communication
  • Resounding the Scores - Music Office Chinese Ensemble Music Collection
  • Panel Discussion: The Role of Librarians and Digital Scholarship
  • Panel Discussion: Current Trends and Pedagogy in Network Visualization and Analysis
Oct 2021
  • Big Data and the Transformation of Historical Practice
  • Interactive Close Reading: Could it be Taught Entirely Digitally?
  • Telling Stories with Maps: the Battle of Hong Kong in 1941 as Example
  • Understanding Perceptions of Fake News with Facebook Audience Insights in Hong Kong
  • HKKH Database and Interviews: Promoting Sinophone Hong Kong Literature in Translation
  • The Sitterwerk Art Library and Its Dynamic Order Using RFID
Oct 2020
  • How the Lion Rock Was Tempered: Early RTHK Dramas, Social Bonding, and Post-1967-Crisis Governance
  • 中港電視。電影刊物資料庫: The Door to Local Heritage of Media Culture
  • Venturing to the Unknown: Men’s Studies in Greater China
  • An Archive of Materials about Augustine Mok-chiu-yu's Works from the 70s Biweekly to His Community Theatre in the 2010s
  • be Literate, be Open, be Strategic: more Digital Initiatives@HKBU
  • Must we Define the Digital Humanities?
  • Preserving Local Performing Arts Resources: the Experience of HKAPA Library
  • Using Virtual Reality (VR) Activities to Enhance Chinese Architectures Learning
Oct 2019
  • Digital Humanities and the Future of Academic Libraries in China
  • Building Better Global Galleries, Archives, Libraries and Museums Digital Labs
  • A Hypermedia Anthropologic Research Approach: Intangible Cultural Heritage of Piu Sik Parade
  • CEPIC: An Online Corpus for the Study of Interpreted Political Speeches
  • Discover HK Wildtracks: The First-ever Interactive Audio Map for Conveying Nature Conservation in HK
  • Religious Discourse, Social Participation, and Identity Construction of HK Protestant Christians from 1970 to 1997
  • Image Database and Data Mining: Bookplates and HK Online Database Project
Oct 2018
  • Digital Scholarship at HKBU
  • Urgent Issues in Scholarly Communications in the Humanities: A View from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
  • The Dreams and Realities of Digital Humanities: A Perspective from Singapore
  • The HKBU-produced Database on Sun Yat-sen Parks in the World
  • Yinheritance: Celebrating Ethnic and Cultural Awareness with Quantitative Data from Rural China School
  • From Collection to Action: Using Open Data and AI for Business
  • Online Thematic Catalogue of Lully Keyboard Arrangements – Some Reflections and Observations
  • Data Literacy and Civic Engagement
Oct 2017
  • An introduction to HKBU Library's digital scholarship program
  • Visualizing materialism through charts and drawings
  • HK Solar Map as a tool for facilitating the adoption of PV systems in Hong Kong
  • The official British documentary film in South-East Asia research programme and website
  • Building digital humanities at Yale University
  • Fashion, art, and big data: mining the Vogue archive
May 2016
  • Archives of children's literature
  • The British official film in South-East Asia 1945-75
  • The historical archive in the digital age: discourse and implications for research, teaching and learning
  • Media ecology project: online access for scholars adds value to media archive
Doing Scholarship In/On Digital Culture
Jan 2014
  • Imagining an Internet Culture: The German Transition into the Digital Age
  • Digital Humanities and the Research Library
  • Co-organizer : ARTD
Mini-Conference on Digital Humanities
Oct 2013
  • The Digital Humanities and Cultural Innovation
  • Digital Humanities and Libraries: Partnership and Collaboration
  • Human vs. Machine Decision Making in the Digital Arts and Humanities
  • Data Curation and History Research: Creating Innovative and Sustainable Tools for Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
  • Co-organizer : ARTD
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