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Digital Scholarship Services

Digital scholarship is an area of research and teaching that uses digital technologies to extend the life of scholarly sources and create research tools, with a view to facilitating information sharing and new research findings. Through collaborating with professors and researchers, the Library supports digitization with OCR, data visualization, GIS applications, corpus development, crowd-sourcing projects, e-journal publishing, among other areas. We hope to provide a stronger support for the University's vision of teaching and research, data analytic, and knowledge sharing.

HKBU Library is the only    member in Hong Kong and China.

Search Across Digital Projects
This quick search enables you to easily discover 214,750 records of multimedia materials (images, videos, e-documents, etc.) stored in different projects.
Projects solely based on text (e.g., HKBU Corpora) or data (e.g., Yinheritance) are not covered here. Go here to see the full project list.

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