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The HKBU Library’s Research Data Services consist of three main service areas: data analytics and visualization support, research data management, and provision of data resources. As identified by the HKBU Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2028, data analytics has become one of the three key research clusters to strengthen the university’s research profile.
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Software Support
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Data analysis and visualization tools are provided in the Multimedia Learning Center

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Gale Digital Scholar Lab

This text mining tool can be used with the original Gale Primary Sources or self-uploaded documents. Trial access available until 31 August 2024

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Workshops & Training Videos
Latest Workshop
  • SPSS Advanced Technique: ANOVA Analysis
  • SPSS Advanced Technique: Regression Analysis
  • Data Visualization: Getting Started with Tableau
Training Videos & Moodle Course
  • SPSS
  • Python
Data Resources for Mining
Sources for Data-mining
Lists free or subscribed data sources that can be used by a wide variety of subject areas
Sources for Text-mining
Lists free or subscribed text data sources that can be used to perform text-mining
Guides to Research Data
Research Data Life Cycle

Data is a set of values of qualitative or quantitative variables that scholars draw upon to support their claims and/or produce new knowledge.

This Lib Guide will go over the six steps of the Data Life Cycle with corresponding tools recommended to you.

Lib Guide
Research Data Management

Research Data Management (RDM) is part of a lifecycle that aims to facilitate effective and efficient research.

Check out this Lib Guide to learn more!

Lib Guide
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Tel: 3411 5239
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Research Data Services
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Data Resources for Mining
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