First, our research team would like to thank Fu Hui Education Foundation for their support of this research project.

Fu Hui Foundation is a non-religious and non-political international philanthropic organisation. Its aim is to assist the youth and children living in impoverished and remote regions in China and provide them with access to comprehensive and quality education. Starting from 2006, Fu Hui has been providing educational assistance to Yi children by sponsoring them to attend local schools in their communities, with the hope of helping them break the cycle of poverty. Fu Hui also collects data to assess the children’s progress. The data are also used for evaluating the programmes and identifying rooms for improvement.

We also thank the Hong Kong Baptist University Library for funding the digitalization of this project and its Digital & Multimedia Services Section for their support and contribution to the design of this website.

The following are the research team members of the project:

Dr. Angel Lai (Principal Investigator). Dr. Lai areas of interests are positive youth development, community mental health and social capital, and childhood poverty. Dr. Lai has been working closely with Fui Hui Education Foundation on understanding the development of Yi children in rural China since 2010. Based on her research experiences with Yi children in rural China, she received a General Research Grants to continue her research on studying the psychosocial development of Yi children in 2017. She graduated with a Doctorate in Social Work from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St Louis in 2014, and is currently a research assistant professor at the Department of Social Work at HKBU.

Mr. Edwin YW Cheung (Project Coordinator). Mr. Cheng obtained his Master’s degree from the University of Oxford. He previously worked in a local policy think-tank and the Central Policy Unit as Senior Researcher and Researcher respectively.

Mr. Cyprian HW Fong (Senior Research Assistant). Mr. Fong obtained his Master’s degree from the University of Birmingham specialising in Egyptian history and has participated in various government consultation projects regarding health and social welfare policies in Hong Kong.

The Centre for the Advancement of Social Sciences Research (CASR). CASR capitalizes on the expertise currently available at the Faculty of Social Sciences and other academic units of the University. By providing assistance in collecting quantitative and qualitative data, CASR helps build the necessary infrastructures so as to nurture and sustain related research endeavours. Center for Advancement in Social Science Research has extensive experiences in conducting quantitative survey and will play a key role in administering the quantitative survey of the proposed study.

In addition, CASR has been actively collaborated with different sectors to conduct consultancy projects and research projects including the Government Bureaus and Departments, Quasi-governmental Organizations, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), Universities and also Private Corporations.

Dr. Cheryl Chui. Dr. Chui is currently a research assistant professor at the Sau Po Centre on Aging at the University of Hong Kong. Together with Dr. Angel Lai, she has been working on research project that aims to understand the developmental well-being of Yi children. She graduated with a doctorate in Social Work at the Social Work and Social Administration Department at the University of Hong Kong in 2014.

Professor Cecilia Chan. Professor Chan is currently a faculty member at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at the University of Hong Kong. She has been serving as an advisor for Fu Hui Education Foundation for over a decade. She is a world leader in health and social work. Her leadership in health and social work is also recognized by her many international awards and recognitions.







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