Digital Scholarship Projects

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Academy of Visual Arts
  • A Disappearing Art: Bookplates and Hong Kong
      (Launched Apr 2019)
    • Virtually showcases 800+ bookplates collected all over the world including some very valuable pieces and facilitates bookplate research
    • Dr. Sarah Ng (Visual Arts)
    Cultural Study
Faculty of Arts
  • The Chinese/English Political Interpreting Corpus
    Corpus of Political Speeches
      The Chinese/English Political Interpreting Corpus     
      (Launched Jun 2019)
    • Designed for the study of Chinese/English political interpreting and translations with political speeches from HK, China, US, and UK along with their translated/interpreted outputs (6,461,535 words)
    • Dr. Janice Pan (Department of Translation)

    • Corpus of Political Speeches     
      (Launched Dec 2015, Updated Aug 2017)
    • Facilitates linguistic analysis of English political speeches from HK and US (4,843,177 words) and Chinese political speeches from HK, Taiwan, and China (1,426,182 words) with part-of-speech tagging
    • Prof. Kathleen Ahrens (Language Centre)
  • OTCL Online Thematic Catalogue of Lully Keyboard Arrangements
      (Launched Sep 2018)
    • Facilitates searching and browsing of over 600 pieces from some 70 manuscripts about Jean-Baptiste Lully's keyboard arrangements
    • Prof. David Chung (Department of Music)
  • The Aleksis Kivi Brothers Seven Translation Assessment Project
      (Launched Nov 2015)
    • Crowdsources assessments of over 50 translations of a Finnish novel
    • Prof. Douglas Robinson (Department of English Language and Literature)
  • 靈性傳統。Ÿ全球生態。Ÿ香港環境
      (Launched Sep 2015)
    • Examines disparate religious approaches to ecological resources, shares 13 sessions of teaching materials on creation care, and displays Hong Kong's unique environmental resources through over 880 photos
    • Dr. Keith Chan (Department of Religion and Philosophy)
    Photo Gallery
Faculty of Social Sciences
  • history in data
      Sun Yat-sen Parks in the World
      (Launched Mar 2016, Updated Jul 2017)
    • Introduces 106 Sun Yat-sen Parks worldwide, scattered across the Greater China Region, the United States, Canada, and Singapore
    • Prof. Clara Ho (Department of History)

    • Tribute Data Curation
      (Launched Sep 2014)
    • Displays individual entries and aggregate graphs of a dataset that shows the types and quantity of tribute items exchanged in Heilongjian during Qing dynasty
    • Dr. Loretta Kim (Department of History)
    Data Visualization




  • Hong Kong Solar Map
      (Launched Nov 2016, Updated Jul 2017)
    • Facilitates estimation of solar energy generated from installing solar panels on rooftops
    • Dr. Kevin Lo, Dr. Daphne Mah, Prof. Qiming Zhou (Department of Geography)
    Energy Estimation
  • Yinheritance? Cultural Celebrations for Ethnic Minority Children's Well-being
      (Launched Oct 2018)
    • Facilitates users to explore six key areas of Yi children's development, using two sets of longitudinal data gathered from 2007 to 2014.
    • Dr. Angel Lai (Department of Social Work)
    Data Visualization
School of Communication
  • South and South-East Asia documentary Film Research Website
      (Launched May 2015, Updated Aug 2017)
    • Provides a detailed introduction to realism anthology, over 4,200 full-text pages of historical documents from National Archives of UK and India, reviews of 248 local and overseas documentary films, interview transcripts with 24 important Indian documentary film scholars and filmmakers, and more
    • Prof. Ian Aitken, Dr. Camille Deprez (Academy of Film)
    Documentary Film
    Film Review
    OCR Document
  • COMM2gether
      (Launched Oct 2018)
    • Presents education history and cultural heritage of HKBU's School of Communication, containing information of the School's milestones as well as alumni interviews and photos (a CoP grant project)
    • Dr. Angela Mak (Department of Communication Studies)
  • Journalistic Role Conception and Role Performance:
Research Instruments and Data Sets for Hong Kong and Mainland China
      (Launched May 2017)
    • Contains data and further information addressing the disconnection between ideals and practice in journalsim in mainland Chinese press and HK press, as part of the international collaborative project “Journalistic Role Performance around the Globe”
    • Prof. Colin Sparks (Department of Journalism)
    Data Visualization
  • Materialism Among Children and Youth in China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Singapore
      (Launched Sep 2017)
    • Presents the raw data and aggregate graphs of fourteen interview studies on materialism among children and youth. These studies were conducted across four Asian regions over fifteen years.
    • Prof. Kara Chan (Department of Communication Studies)
    Data Visualization
  • Chinese film
      (Launched Mar 2015)
    • Provides an index to over 22,600 film-related materials in early Chinese newspapers (1900-1949) from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Tianjin
    • Prof. Emilie Yeh (Academy of Film)
  • Heritage
      (Launched Sep 2013, Updated Jul 2018)
    • Showcases over 1,120 creative outputs produced by HKBU faculty and students, including artworks, movies, documentary films, animations, music performances, and creative writings
    • Academy of Film, Academy of Visual Arts, Department of Communication Studies, Department of Humanities & Creative Writing, Department of Journalism, Department of Music
    360° photo
    Creative Writing
    Documentary Film
  • Heritage
      (Launched Jul 2009, Updated Monthly)
    • Provides over 26,000 documentary films produced by local TV companies, over 840 videos of conferences and seminars held on campus, over 85 teaching videos created by HKBU faculty, and over 80 other campus videos
    Scholarly Talk
    Teaching Video
    TV Program

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