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People’s Profile

Prof. Ian AitkenProf. Ian Aitken has a PhD from the University of Westminster. He is a professor of film studies at HKBU, and has so far been awarded five HK government awards to carry out research into documentary film in Hong Kong and South-East Asia. His principal interest is in colonial film-making in South-East Asia, the influence of the British official film including the Griersonian tradition, and cinematic realism.

Dr. Camille DeprezDr. Camille Deprez studied at Sorbonne University and National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilisations (INALCO) in Paris. She is a previous Research Assistant Professor in the Academy of Film of Hong Kong Baptist University. Her research areas were the Indian mainstream film - or Bollywood - and television industries, Indian documentary films, and French colonial documentary films in Asia. Two single-authored books, La télévision indienne: un modèle d’appropriation culturelle (2006) and Bollywood: cinéma et mondialisation (2010), academic articles and book chapters came out of these long-term research projects.

Seth HendersonSeth Henderson is a previous Research Assistant at Hong Kong Baptist University working with Dr. Ian Aitken on early official film-making in Hong Kong and Singapore.   Holding a B.A. in English Literature and a Master of Fine Arts in Film, Television and Digital Media, he is a working film-maker specifically interested in innovation made in documentary film form.

Evey ShenEvey Shen is a previous Senior Research Assistant in the Academy of Film of Hong Kong Baptist University. She received her B.A. degree in Chinese Literature from Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU, China) and her MPhil degree in Cultural Studies from Lingnan University (Hong Kong). Her Master thesis focused on Post-CEPA Hong Kong Film Industry. Her research interests include Hong Kong Cinema, Pan-Chinese Cinema and Asian Cinema.  

Dr. Mike InghamDr. Mike Ingham graduated from the University of Oxford and after teaching in the UK, Italy and Spain, studied for his PhD in Hong Kong. He is a professor of English Studies at Lingnan University, Hong Kong's liberal arts university. His main research fields are drama, film and adaptation studies. As well as writing and teaching in these areas, he directs drama productions at the university and outside with his theatre group Theatre Action. He is currently collaborating with Prof. Ian Aitken on the book project 'Hong Kong Documentary Film.' He is also working on an RGS-funded project on theories of intermediality in stage and screen drama.

Joni GutierrezJoni Gutierrez is an Assistant Professor (on study leave) at the University of the Philippines Film Institute (UPFI) and a previous PhD Candidate (Film Studies) at the Hong Kong Baptist University. He has presented papers on Lino Brocka in various conferences and has written on Philippine cinema in various journals. He also authored “Philippines, Migration, 1948 to Present” (2013) in The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration (Wiley-Blackwell), edited by Immanuel Ness. Joni Gutierrez holds a master’s degree in film and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. He is also a filmmaker – portfolio website: www.jonigutierrez.com.

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