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Appendix I : Common Abbreviations of Organizations Used in the Documents

The National Archives (UK)
C.O.I. Central Office of Information (UK)
C.O. Colonial Office (UK)
F.O. Foreign Office (UK)
C.F.U. Colonial Film Unit (UK)
M.F.U. Malayan Film Unit (Malaya)
S.C.A. Secretary for Chinese Affairs (Singapore)
C.S.O. Office of the Colonial Secretariat (UK)
D.S.B. Director of Special Branch (UK)
C.G.O. Office of the Commissioner-General for the United Kingdom in South East Asia (Singapore)
C.R.O. Commonwealth Relations Office (UK)


National Archives of India
A.G.C.R. Accountant General of Central Revenue
A.I.R. All India Radio
C.F.D. Controller of Films Division
C.P.W.D. Central Public Works Department
C.C.I.&.E. Chief Controller of Imports & Exports
D.D.A. Delhi Development Authority
D.S. (F) Deputy Secretary (Finance)
D.S. (P) Deputy Secretary (Production)
D.F.A.I. Documentary Film Administration - I
E.A. Dept. Department of Economic Affairs (India)
Exp. Deptt Expenditure Department
F.A. Finance Administrator
F.F.C. Film Finance Corporation
F.P. Field Publicity
F(A) Section Finance (Administration) Section
F(D) Section Finance (Distribution) Section
F(P) Section Finance (Production) Section
I.C.A.R. Indian Council of Agricultural Research
I.C.S. Indian Civil Service
I.F. Integrated Finance
I.N.R. Indian New Review
I.M.P.P.A. Indian Motion Picture Producers' Association
M.E.A. Ministry of External Affairs
M.G.M. Metropolitan Groove Merchants
M.H.A. Ministry of Home Affairs
M.I.B. Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
M.P.E.A.A. Motion Picture Export Association of America
M.S.I.B. Minister of State of Information & Broadcasting
N.B.C. National Broadcasting Company
N.D.M.C. New Delhi Municipal Council
O.C.D. Officer in Charge of Distribution
O.S.D. (KP) Officer on Special Duty (Kashmir Publicity)
P.S. Personal Secretary
P.P. Section Publicity Programme Section
R.O. Regional Officer
R. & R. Division Research and Reference Division
S.R.U. Special Re-organisation Unit
S.T.C. State Trading Corporation
U.P.S.C. Union Public Service Commision
U.S. (FD) Unit Secretary (Films Division)
U.S. (PP) Unit Secretary (Publicity Programme)
U.S.I.S. United States Information Service