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Why a website?

This website will act as a platform for researchers and practitioners active in the field of South and South-East Asian Documentary film theory, history and practice; and will aim to present, share and discuss research activities, findings and film-making practices.

The website will also hold and disseminate primary and secondary research materials ― including texts, images, video and audio files ― pertaining to the subject of documentary film in South and South-East Asia. As already mentioned, this material will cover the colonial, late colonial, and post-colonial periods, as well as important aspects of independent documentary film.

In the near future, this website will also serve as an interactive space of knowledge, by facilitating knowledge-transfer in the shape of online discussions and forums, where filmmakers, scholars, and students will be able to post important information and exchange valuable ideas relating to documentary film in South and South-East Asia. This will also facilitate stronger academic and creative collaboration between scholars and filmmakers interested in documentary filmmaking worldwide.

This website will also provide a global research overview of other related projects that pursue leads uncovered in this research, by including links to relevant websites, events, and open-access articles and sources.

This project website will provide international scholars, students and filmmakers with a unique open access to these data-sets worldwide. This will contribute to arriving at a more complex understanding of the under-researched topic of the documentary film in South and South-East Asia; whilst also extending the international academic impact of this research programme.


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