Copyright Information

The principal investigator and Hong Kong Baptist University Library retain the copyright of the Corpus of Political Speeches web-based concordance.

The contents of the Corpus are derived from small parts of primary source documents. By reproducing small amounts of these documents and illustrating linguistic proximity, Hong Kong Baptist University is adhering to Fair Dealing. See here for more about Terms of Use.



Although HKBU Library and Language Centre have attempted to ensure the accuracy of the contents of the Corpus, the information provided is for personal and educational use without any express or implied warranty.


Terms of Use

The Corpus of Political Speeches web-based concordance comprises data from various government records, whose terms of use may vary.

The Corpus and use of its contents are understood to be in within the boundaries of Fair Dealing,

Use of the Corpus of Political Speeches web-based concordance is encouraged by anyone for non-commercial research and educational purposes.


Citation Guide

The curators of the Corpus of Political Speeches embrace the principles of Open Access of making research data available to all. If you wish to cite the concordance data, please refer to the suggested citation guide:


To cite the corpus / dataset:

Ahrens, Kathleen (2015). Corpus of Political Speeches. Hong Kong Baptist University Library, Retrieved Date Accessed, from


To cite individual speeches, please utilize the suggested citation in the original location URL (e.g., Hong Kong Government Policy Address, American Presidency Project).