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Welcome to the HKBU Corpus of Political Speeches, an online archive of speeches from politicians around the world. This Corpus has a web-based concordance feature, which allows corpus searches in untagged texts.

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Corpus Data

In collaboration with the Hong Kong Baptist University Library, political speeches have been uploaded to this online database. The Corpus currently contains four collections of political speeches. They are:

  1. The Corpus of U.S. Presidential Speeches (1789-2015) (including Inaugural Addresses, Annual Messages to Congress on the State of the Union, National Political Party Platforms, Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speeches, Presidential Candidates Debates and Saturday Radio Address) [corpus size: 4,429,976 words],
  2. The Corpus of Policy Address by Hong Kong Governors (1984-1996) and Hong Kong Chief Executives (1997-2014) [corpus size: 413,201 words for English corpus; corpus size: 666,511 words for Chinese corpus; 1,079,712 words in total],
  3. The Corpus of Speeches given on New Year’s days and Double Tenth days by Taiwan Presidents (1978-2014) [corpus size: 169,649 words], and
  4. The Corpus of Report on the Work of the Government by Premiers of the People’s Republic of China (1984-2013) [corpus size: 590,022 words].

In total, more than six million words were collected for this online database.

William J. ClintonMa Ying-jeou
Sir Christopher PattenLi
Sir David WilsonSir Edward Youde
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