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In an era which witnesses the decline of print media, books and bookstores, bookplates have become increasingly unheard of and are thus at risk of becoming extinct. For centuries, bookplates have been appreciated not merely as works of art for their aesthetic values and technical complexity, they are also important materials for understanding different histories including history of art, printing, books, design, interaction between the East and the West. Therefore, it is crucial to introduce this valuable art to the public and preserve this cultural heritage for our future generation.

This digital project aims to contribute to the writing of the history of bookplates in Hong Kong by constructing an archive of bookplates created and collected by Hong Kong artists and collectors. More than eight hundred bookplates with exquisite techniques and a wide variety of themes are digitally archived and visually analyzed, forming a database of detailed information on each work with a user-friendly search and browse function. To thoroughly introduce bookplates to the users, information and analysis on bookplates such as its definition, history, techniques and exhibitions are also included in this website. Ultimately, this project hopes to promote to the public this endangered form of art and also provide valuable visual and textual materials for researchers who are interested in bookplates and its history in Hong Kong.



About the Collected Bookplates關於所收集的藏書票

Geographic Locations of Artists藝術家所在地

This project collects and indexes 842 bookplates created by artists from the following 22 countries/cities. 此計劃共收集了 842 張藏書票並提供相關索引資料。藝術家來自以下 22 個國家/地區。

Relationship between Artists, Owners/Collectors and Techniques


Digging into the data of the collected bookplates, the following graph can help us better understand how a particular artist is associated with the owners/collectors of his/her work as well as the techniques that he/she has used. Because an artist can also be an owner/collector of bookplates created by others, the graph is arranged in a way that "artist" role has priority over other roles. (To learn about the definition of each role, please go to Artists, Owners and Collectors page.)

represents artists
represents owners and collectors
represents techniques
highlights HKBU Library


Major Elements of Bookplates


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