HEIJNS, Audrey

Heijns received her PhD in Chinese Studies from Leiden University and joined the Research Centre for Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2001. Her research focuses on Dutch translations of Chinese literature. ;Wickeri obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Fiction at San Francisco State University. She has been the editor of Chinese Theological Review since 1985, and the translator of the magazine Renditions . She has translated a number of short stories by Mo Yan, including “Explosions”, “The Flying Ship” and “The Cat Specialist”. Her translations also consist of works by Eileen Chang, Wang Pu and Xiao Si.
Chapter Title:
The Sea
Source Text:
Book Title:
To Pierce the Material Screen: An Anthology of 20th-Century Hong Kong Literature, Volume I, Fiction
HEIJNS, Audrey ; WICKERI, Janice
Publishing Location:
Hong Kong
Research Centre for Translation, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Monolingual (English)