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Research Data Services: Data Software

Multimedia Learning Center (MLC) on level 4 of the Library provides various data software for university members to do data analysis or data visualization.

The Data Analysis Room is established for teaching staff and postgraduate students to perform serious and in-depth data analysis or data visualization. Max one user per workstation at a time.

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We understand that undergraduate students also need to perform data analysis or visualization, so selected data software applications are also installed in the Collaborative Computer Lab and the open area of Multimedia Learning Center.

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  Data Analysis Room Collaborative Computer Lab
& MLC public area
Self-help Guide
  PC (2 sets) iMac (1 set) PC (30 + 13 sets)
For Quantitative Analysis
   OriginPro 2017    
   SPSS 25 (with Process)
   Stata ver. 15 (v.14)  
For Qualitative Analysis
   MaxQDA Plus      
   NVivo 12 Plus
For Presentation / Visualization
   Adobe Photoshop
   ArcGIS Desktop      
   Tableau Desktop
  • For data visualization
  • Used to create static or interactive images from data
  • Official website:


For further questions, please contact Digital and Multimedia Services Section at or 3411-5239. Thank you for your cooperation!

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