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Digital Scholarship Services: E-Journal Publishing Platform

Research habits are changing and researchers increasingly expect information to be found online, which means that a journal that cannot be located on the web may become partly invisible. Online publication could also enhance international reach and publication speed with additional capabilities and a lower cost.

The HKBU Library understands that your journal struggles to attract authors and readers, as well as frequently suffers from a lack of human and financial resources. We can create a publicly accessible interface for journal readers to search and browse journal papers and/or a password-protected system to facilitate manuscript submission, review, and management, making use of Digital Commons that is an Elsevier product. Given that some readers still prefer print, you may or may not drop the print edition when you work with us.

We can set up the system, design the publicly accessible interface, digitize back paper issues, and provide one-off training to editors. The Library is only the administrative and technical arm of the department during the e-journal development stage, we will not involve in manuscript management in the long run. Also, the Library do not own or share the copyright of the e-journal and its content.

These are the e-journals that we are publishing for HKBU departments:

  • International Journal of Chinese & Comparative Philosophy of Medicine

    International Journal of Chinese & Comparative Philosophy of Medicine

      (back issues from May 2007)

      IJCCPM was instituted to facilitate in-depth dialogue between Chinese and Western scholarship. While the West has pioneered academic research in bioethics and the philosophy of medicine, the contribution of China’s long tradition of medical humanities, as well as its rich historical resources in philosophical and ethical thought, should not be neglected.

  • Journal of Asian Energy Studies

    Journal of Asian Energy Studies

      (May 2016)

      JAES is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to interdisciplinary research on all aspects of energy studies in Asia. It is an open-access e-journal published by the Asian Energy Studies Centre (AESC) of Hong Kong Baptist University with the support of the University Library.


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