Data Software Training Videos
Python (廣東話)

Learning basic Python programming is not difficult. This video series is intended to provide basic programming concepts through Python coding. No prior programming knowledge is necessary. To start learning, you simply need:

  1. A PC or laptop running either Windows or MacOS operating system
  2. Download and install Anaconda, which is a software for writing and running Python programming code, from (available for both Windows and MacOS). After installation, run Anaconda and choose Sypder.

學習 Python 其實一點也不困難。此短片系列透過 Python 語言介紹基本編程概念。觀看者無需任何編程經驗,只需要:

  1. 一部安裝 Windows 或 macOS 作業系統的電腦
  2. 到以下連結下載及安裝 Anaconda,用作編寫與運行 Python 程式: (Windows 和 MacOS 作業系統兼容)。安裝及打開程式後,開啟 Sypder
7 videos - 47 mins in total 7 條影片 - 共 47 分鐘

1. Numbers and Basic Calculations | 數字及基本運算

  • Basic Calculations
  • Using Variables
  • 加減乘除運算
  • 變量運算

2. Working with Strings | 文字字串的運用

  • Basic Use of Strings
  • Joining Strings Together
  • 字串的基本運用
  • 字串的連接

3. Using Function and Method | Function 與 Method的運用

  • The Concept of Function
  • The Concept of Method
  • Function 的原理
  • Method 的原理

4. Making Comparisons | 進行比較

  • Basic Use of Strings
  • Joining Strings Together
  • 數字的比較
  • 字串的比較

5. Making Decisions and Choices in Python | 使用 Python 作出判斷和選擇

  • Making Decisions and Choices in Python
  • if… elif Statements
  • 使用 Python 作出判斷和選擇
  • if… elif 句式

6. Handling Multiple Values | 處理多個數值

  • Using List to Store Multiple Values
  • Managing elements in a list
  • 使用 List 儲存多個數值
  • 管理 list 的數值

7. Using Repetition | 使用重複循環運算

  • Using for loop to perform repetition
  • for loop uses loop variable (i) to help count the repetition
  • 使用 for 循環反覆執行簡單相似指令
  • for 循環使用循環變量 (i) 協助點算重複次數
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