Text Mining

We conducted four rounds of focus-group interviews in Hong Kong, focusing on young adults (aged 18 – 35) who were sci-fi movie audiences. This text mining section reports the interview participants’ sharing and reflections on their viewing experience of sci-fi movies and their perception of (the ideal mode of) human-machine communication and an ethical AI serving human society.

In this exploratory analysis, we calculated the frequencies of the terms and analyzed the most frequently mentioned terms by the interview participants. We manually labeled these terms based on storytelling theories and classified them into three themes: (1) terms indicating human-machine relationships (such as “control” and “companion “); (2) terms depicting the nature of the protagonists (such as “human,” “system,” and “machines”); and (3) terms depicting the narrative’s time, space, or mise-en-scène (such as “earth,” “outer space,” or “factory”).

You can click the Formtree (a visualization of all the terms) and explore the quotations from the participants. All the participants are anonymized.

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