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1. Maps

War Office General Staff (United Kingdom), Ordnance Survey 1928, Hong Kong and New Territory, 1945 (No 3868 2nd Edition): http://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-233974790

Honkon bōgyo shisetsu-zu, Department of Geography, Ochanomizu University

Honkon fukin eikokugun bōbi zu [Defences of the British Army in Hong Kong and Vicinity], Shina-Shina shihen: nanshi 35.

2. The National Archives, UK

WO 106: War Office: Directorate of Military Operations and Military Intelligence, and predecessors: Correspondence and Papers

WO 196: War Office: Director of Artillery, later Director of Royal Artillery: Reports and Appreciations

WO 172: War Office: British and Allied Land Forces, South East Asia: War Diaries, Second World War

WO 235: Judge Advocate General’s Office: War Crimes Case Files, Second World War

CAB 44: Committee of Imperial Defence, Historical Branch and Cabinet Office, Historical Section

CAB 106: War Cabinet and Cabinet Office: Historical Section

ADM 199: Admiralty: War History Cases and Papers, Second World War

3. Imperial War Museum, London

“Brigadier C. R. Templer”, IWM Collection, Document 40186

“C. M. Maltby Scrapbook”, IWM Collection, Document 22835

“W. H. Poulter”, IWM Collection, Document 17098

“A. J. Alsey”, IWM Collection, Document 1620

“Private Papers of Lieutenant Colonel E O Levett OBE”, IWM Collection, Document 26105

“Major C. M. McEwan”, IWM Collection, Document 16232

4. Hong Kong Public Records Office

HKRS225 War Diaries and Miscellaneous Pictorial Records

5. Japan Centre of Asian Historical Records

Rikugun ichihan shiryō (General Records of the Imperial Japanese Army)

Kaigun ichihan shiryō (General Records of the Imperial Japanese Navy)

6. Archive of the National Institute for Defense Studies

“Kyūryū hantō okeru honbōgyo jinchi chōsa hōkoku” [The Study of the Main Defensive Position on the Kowloon Peninsula], 1/1942, Shina-Dai Tōasen-Nanshi 90.

“Dai sanjuhachi shidan Honkon kōryakusen sentō shōhō” [Report of the 38th Division’s Offensive Operation in Hong Kong], Shina-Shina shihen: nanshi 15.

“Honkon kōryakusen sentō shōhō dai sanju hachi shidan hohei dai nihakusanju rentai” [Action Report of the 230th Infantry Regiment of the 38th Division during the Hong Kong Campaign], Shina-Shina shihen: nanshi 34.

“Kyū Honkon bōgo shisetsu no shashin” [Photos of the Defences of the Ex-Hong Kong Fortress], Shina-Shashin 94.

7. Regimental Histories

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8. Senshi Sōsho (War History Series)

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9. Other References

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