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Note on Unit Symbols

During the Battle of Hong Kong, both sides deployed around sixty thousand men organized into different units and formations. The type and size of the units and formations are represented by various two sets of symbols, graphical and NATO, and have the following variants:

  1. Unit types: Infantry (Regulars, Marines, Machine-gun, Militia, Motorized), Artillery (Anti-Aircraft Guns, Anti-Tank Guns, Mountain Gun, Howitzers/Cannons, Infantry Guns, Heavy Guns, Mortars), Warships, Fighters, Light Bombers, Heavy Bombers, Armoured Cars, Gas Unit, Headquarters and Support Troops.
  2. Structures: Coastal Gun Batteries, Anti-Aircraft Gun Batteries, Pillboxes, Observation Posts, Headquarters, Searchlight Positions, Shelters, Barracks, Stores, First-aid Posts/Field Hospitals, Communication Facilities, and Naval Defences.

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