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How many solar panels can be installed on your building? How much electricity will they generate annually? How much they cost and how much they save? Hong Kong Solar Map helps Hong Kong residents answer these questions and many more!

Hong Kong Solar Map was developed by Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), through a collaboration between Asian Energy Studies Centre, HKBU; Department of Geography, HKBU; Hong Kong Baptist University Library; WWF-HK; and Greenpeace. The map is the first of its kind in the Greater China region.

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The Hong Kong Solar Map provides information to users on an estimate basis. HKBU does not guarantee the accuracy of information regarding system performance or financial returns of investment.

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Research Team

Dr. Kevin Lo (Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University)
Dr. Daphne Mah (Director, Asian Energy Studies Centre; Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University)
Prof. Qiming Zhou (Professor, Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University)
Ms. Rebekah Wong (Head of Digital and Multimedia Services, Hong Kong Baptist University Library)

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