The 70's Biweekly and People's Theatre
A private archive of Mok Chiu-yu Augustine and friends
 7 Cover page

 7 Wei Jingsheng is not guilty! Down with bureaucratic autocracy! Abolish one party dictatorship! Fight for socialist democracy! 革命馬克思主義者同盟, 社會主義青年社

 7 Mourning Ching-yu 雙山

 7 Wei Jingsheng

 7 Our views on the cases of Wei Jingsheng and Fu Yuehua 《人民之聲》編輯部

 7 In what way is protest a crime? 鄒犢

 7 Mass actions reported in Chinese government newspapers

 7 Genuine mass campaign during Cultural Revolution

 7 If Lu Xun still lived 魯史

 7 On Yu Guangyuan

 7 On Yu Guangyuan

 7 How to start learning socialist theories 林行哲

 7 Economy in transition era E•曼德爾

 7 Economy in transition era E•曼德爾

 7 Support civil servants

 7 Appendix: What did Augustine Chung suggest?

 7 Progress of revolution in Nicaragua 紹之

 7 Czechoslovakian government attacks fighters for democracy 王仲明

 7 Militarisation of the Philipppines

Mourning Ching-yu
 7 Mourning Ching-yu 雙山