The 70's Biweekly and People's Theatre
A private archive of Mok Chiu-yu Augustine and friends
 21 Cover Page

 21 Hong Kong: the dark side

 21 Old woman in the street (picture)

 21 (3) Cause and effect of rioting

 21 Aldrich Estate

 21 Chapter 4: Suppressing dissidents

 21 Vietnam war, Suszie Wong, American soldiers (picture)

 21 Chapter 6: Dissatisfaction of students and social responses

 21 Protest demanding Chinese to become an official language

 21 Chapter 8: Organisation and structure of Hong Kong government

 21 They are at every protest but they are neither protesters nor reporters. Who are they? (picture)

 21 Chapter 9: Housing problem

 21 Committing crimes

 21 Wang Tou Hom resettlement area - kitchen in the corridor (picture)

 21 Child labour (picture)

 21 Chapter 12: Police and corruption

 21 Politics and freedom of publication

 21 Death of democracy 香港保衛釣魚台聯合陣線

 21 Death of democracy (picture)

 21 Chapter 15: Conclusion

 21 Towards the brave new world? (picture)

 21 On boycotting election and democratic movement 向青

 21 Beating the drum 江楓

 21 617 protest 中學生行動委員會 陳俊明

 21 For China! For Diayou Islands! Join our actions to bring down the imperialists 香港保衛釣魚台中學生行動委員會

 21 Malaysian Chinese support protection of Diaoyu Island 一群旅港馬來西亞歸港華僑仝人致敬

 21 Go to protect Diaoyu Islands at once! 李燕

 21 Casual thoughts - Combination of God and Devil 胡菊人

 21 From the editor

 21 Nineth love poem SPICER, Jack 邱剛健

 21 New generation

 21 New generation

 21 New generation

 21 New generation

(2) Political attitude
 21 (2) Political attitude