Species in HK

黑尾蠟嘴雀 Chinese Grosbeak

Chinese Grosbeak
Eophona migratoria

無危。冬候鳥。黃色的大嘴,雌性頭至上體灰褐色,喉至下體淡灰褐,脇部沾橙色,尾下覆羽奶白色。雄鳥頭部黑色。飛行時黑色翼上有白班,尾羽開叉。通常成群, 見於開闊原野.

Least Concern. Winter Visitor. Big yellow bill. Female:Head to upperparts greyish brown, throat to underparts pale greyish brown. Flanks orange, undertail coverts milky white. Male has distinctive black head. In flight, shows white marks on black flight feathers and deeply-notched tail. Usually in flocks and occur in open country.

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