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大鷹鵑 Large Hawk-cuckoo
大鷹鵑 Large Hawk-cuckoo

Large Hawk-cuckoo
Hierococcyx sparverioides

無危。春季過境遷徙鳥,夏候鳥。嘴黃色,上嘴端向下彎,眼圈黃色,腳黃色。褐色為主,下體白色,喉至胸有深色縱紋,胸部紅褐色。叫聲為不斷重覆的「brain fever」聲。見於稀疏林區。

Least Concern. Spring Passage Migrants, Summer Visitors. Yellow bill, upperbill tip decurved. Yellow eyering and legs. Mainly in brown. White underparts with dark streaks,. Breast has prominent reddish brown colour. Repeated calls of "brain fever". Found in lightly wooded areas.

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