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Researchers (faculty or students from the Department of History) and Hong Kong Baptist University Library retain the copyright of the "History in Data" website.


Although research teams and HKBU Library have attempted to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this website, information provided is for personal and educational use without any express or implied warranty.

Terms of Use

The "History in Data" website comprises images, texts and datasets that is developed and owned by the corresponding research team. The website and its design are developed and owned by the HKBU Library.The "History in Data" website and use of its contents are understood to be in within the boundaries of Fair Dealing, http://hkbu.libguides.com/copyright/overview.

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Citing This Site

As part of our mission to support academic research and provide an open website for the general public, we welcome the sharing of resources from our website for the purposes of research, teaching, and learning, so long as users clearly cite the source of data in their documents, websites, or any media.

When citing the entire website, please use the following format:

  • Hong Kong Baptist University Library. (2014). History in Data. Retrieved Date of access, from http://digital.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/history/index.php
When citing a particular chart or dataset from the website, please include at least the following information:
  • Author. (Year). Title of chart or dataset. Retrieved Date of access, from Hong Kong Baptist University Library, History in Data: URL of the page.