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The website of the overall project, Journalistic Performance around the Globe can be found at:

The Principal Researcher of the original global project is Professor Claudia Mellado. Here recent work relevant to the project can be found here:

(2016) Journalistic performance in Latin America: A comparative study of professional roles in news content.
http://www.academia.edu/26935589/Mellado_ Claudia_M %C3%A1rquez_ Mireya_ Mick_ Jacques_ Oller_ Martin_ and_ Olivera_ Dasniel_ 2016_._ Journalistic_ performance_ in_ Latin_ America_ A_ comparative_ study_ of_ professional_ roles_ in_ news_ content. _Journalism_ 1_ 20._ DOI_ 10. 1177_ 1464884916657509

(2016) Watchdogs in Chile and the United States: Comparing the Networks of Sources and Journalistic Role Performances.
http://www.academia.edu/26935433/Helmueller_ Lea_ and_ Mellado_ Claudia_ 2016_ Watchdogs_ in_ Chile_ and_ the_ United_ States_ Comparing_ the_ Networks_ of_ Sources_ and_ Journalistic_ Role_ Performances._ International_ Journal_ of_ Communication_ 10_ 2016_ 3261_ 3280

(2015) Professional Roles and News Construction: A Media Sociology Conceptualization of Journalists' Role Conception and Performance
http://www.academia.edu/12888187/PROFESSIONAL_ ROLES_ AND_ NEWS_ CONSTRUCTION_ A_ Media_ Sociology_ Conceptualization_ of_ Journalists_ Role_ Conception_ and_ Performance

(2014) Professional Roles in News Content: Analyzing Journalistic Performance in the Chilean National Press.
http://www.academia.edu/7840163/Mellado_ Claudia_ and_ Lagos_ Claudia_ 2014_._ Professional_ Roles_ in_ News_ Content_ Analyzing_ Journalistic_ Performance_ in_ the_ Chilean_ National_ Press._ International_ Journal_ of_ Communication_ 8_ 2090_ 2112

(2014) Understanding the influence of journalists and politicians on content: a cross-longitudinal analysis of Chilean political news coverage.
http://www.academia.edu/6895797/Mellado_ Claudia_ and_ Rafter_ Kevin_ 2014_._ Understanding_ the_ influence_ of_ journalists_ and_ politicians_ on_ content_ a_ cross-longitudinal_ analysis_ of_ Chilean_ political_ news_ coverage. _Gazette._ DOI_10. 1177_ 1748048514538928

(2013) Between rhetoric and practice. Explaining the gap between role conception and performance in journalism.
http://www.academia.edu/4300642/Mellado_ Claudia_ and_ Van_ Dalen_ Arjen_ 2013_._ Between_ rhetoric_ and_ practice._ Explaining_ the_ gap_ between_ role_ conception_ and_ performance_ in_ journalism. _Journalism_ Studies