Research Data Tool Series 2018

Research: Effectively analyzing qualitative data

Workshop title:

Start from the Source: Text and Data Mining with Gale's Digital Primary Sources

Time: Nov 1 (Thu), 2:30 - 4:00 pm
Speaker: Masaki Morisawa (Senior Product Manager, Gale)
Location of Venue: Collaborative Computer Lab, L4, Library, Hong Kong Baptist University

Workshop summary: When asked by a student how to get an A+ for their class, a teacher replied, “Show me something I didn’t know”. How can a student show the all-knowing teacher something “new” from the past? The answer is to use primary sources. With new digital tools like Term Frequency Search, Term Cluster Viewer, and enhanced text and data mining tools, the exploration of primary sources has never become easier, or more fun. Learn how to dig into newspapers, magazines, books, government records of the past to re-experience as it was unfolding, and maybe you can get an A+ in your next paper!

Speaker Bio: Masaki Morisawa supports the Gale sales force in Asia in areas of product information and training, marketing materials, and technical support. He studied English literature in Sophia University, Tokyo. He also enjoys eating local food during his Hong Kong trips although the Chinese characters on the diner menus continue to baffle him.

What Microsoft Excel can do for transdisciplinary research? Instilling meaning in qualitative data

Workshop title:

News and Social Media Mining in Research: Digital Content Analysis with uMiner

Time: Nov 9 (Fri), 2:30 - 4:00 pm
Speaker: Dr. Angus Cheong (Chief Consultant, uMax Data Technology Limited)
Location of Venue: Collaborative Computer Lab, L4, Library, Hong Kong Baptist University

Workshop summary: uMiner is specifically designed for researchers and students from humanities and social sciences to do synthesis and analysis of literature, interview transcripts, news, social media contents and content-related materials. This one-stop cloud-based platform consists of the entire process of database building, sampling, inter-coder reliability test, content coding, quality control, statistical analysis of data, and result visualization, which will be demonstrated in the workshop.

Speaker Bio: Serving as the chair of Asia Pacific Internet Research Alliance (APIRA), Dr. Angus Cheong is an expert in research and consulting, covering big data, public opinions, internet intelligence, web mining, O2O business solutions, e-policy strategies and e-government. He has served University of Macau as an assistant professor as well as HKBU and the University Institute of Lisbon as a visiting scholar.

The common sense approach to managing research data: How to avoid crying over messy datasets

Workshop title:

SPSS in a Nutshell: What Can My Numbers Tell?

Time: Nov 14 (Wed), 2:30 - 4:00 pm
Speaker: Timothy Yeung (Project Administrator, Digital & Multimedia Services, HKBU Library)
Location of Venue: Collaborative Computer Lab, L4, Library, Hong Kong Baptist University

Workshop summary: How can we enjoy the fruits of our hard work put in data collection? In this workshop, we will go through the basics of SPSS by discussing and practicing commonly-used analytical functions and data reporting features.

Speaker Bio: Timothy Yeung currently provides support for digital scholarship development through coordinating data curation projects and engaging in data visualization. Prior to joining HKBU, he has worked as a social science research staff for over 6 years. He involved in many UGC funded research projects and is experienced in conducting surveys and consolidating and research data.

The Research Data Tool Series 2018 is over. Thank you for your attention.

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