1. Numbers and Basic Calculations

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Basic Calculations
    Space does not affect calculations
  • 空格並不影響運算
Using Variables
  • Variable explorer shows created variables and their values
  • Integers (int) as a data type
  • Decimal numbers (float) as a data type
  • Variable names are case-sensitive
  • Variable names can contain letters
  • Do not add space in variable names
  • Variable names can contain underscore (_)
  • The value of a variable can be reassigned at any time. Python takes the latest value to do calculations
  • Variable explorer 顯示所建立的變量及其數值
  • 資料類型為整數 (int)
  • 資料類型為小數 (float)
  • 變量名稱區分大小階
  • 變量名稱可包含英文字母
  • 切勿把空格加在變量名稱上
  • 變量名稱可包含下畫線 (_)
  • 變量的數值可隨時改變;Python會使用最新數值來進行運算