Digital Scholarship Services

Our main aim is to collaborate with academic departments or individual faculty members, using digital technologies to support information / data management and dissemination. Through these digital services, the Library hopes to be able to provide a stronger support for the University's vision of teaching, learning, research, and community services. We also strive to educate the local scholarly community in the importance of digital scholarship / humanities, and assist HKBU faculty to embed it into our academic ecosystem.

We are more than happy to :

  • Support data sharing through:
    • enhancing your research datasets in collaboration with you and your research assistants
    • indexing and digitization of primary sources
    • developing online digital scholarship projects
    • mounting your datasets on the library‚Äôs institutional repository
    • educating dataset users how to cite your data
  • Administer Digital Scholarship Grant to eligible faculty members
  • Provide inputs to co-submit internal or external grants in support of digital scholarship initiatives
  • Offer an e-journal and e-book publishing platform (e-journal examples)
    e-publishing platform

> What is digital scholarship (digital humanities)?

Scholarly Communication Services

We are more than happy to :

  • Promote open access and your research outputs
  • Provide inputs to complete data management plans
  • Provide support for the research community’s needs in interpreting copyright and understanding author rights
  • Interpret publication metrics and support the provision of altmetrics data
  • Curate and advance the visibility of the university’s theses & dissertations
  • Help the HKBU community follow their research’s use through the institutional repository

> What is scholarly communications?
> What is data management?
> What is open access?


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